Department of Design

The course of design in higher education, created by UDESC in 1996, was the first course in Santa Catarina to meet the potentialities of the market of Santa Catarina. The demand for the course reveals the importance of design among the companies, as a strategic activity aggregating value to products and services generated.

Design is an activity that seeks solutions to specific problems, where the human is the main focus in the approach. The designer transfers to the objects a language characterized by identity and differentiation based on a purpose, taking into consideration consumer needs related to social-economical and social-cultural aspects in the context.

Parallel to education and research, the Department of Design created the LabDesign, an extension project of CEART to foster the activity, with graduation in Industrial Design and Graphic Design, generating recognition by qualifying our students and, also, disseminating the benefits of design to companies in Santa Catarina.

The course of bachelor in Design produces professionals with qualification in graphic design and industrial design. Students are qualified according to their individual skills, through a flexible curriculum with various possibilities of emphasis that are studied during the four-year course.

CEART offers the course with two qualifications:
- Bachelor in Graphic Design
- Bachelor in Industrial Design